We would like to welcome your coach and passengers to Beverley…….

This group-friendly, award-winning town, with its incredible Minster, charming market squares and beautiful Georgian architecture, Beverley is a town that appeals to everyone.  Your passengers will be warmly welcomed and invited to wander the picturesque streets, enjoy the vast selection of independent shops, delis, bars and cafes and discover the towns rich history.

To make the experience memorable and kind on the pocket, our Tier 1 service offers a Welcome Bag for passengers which includes a town map, discount leaflet and a Beverley postcard and pen.  We haven’t forgotten your Coach Driver, who will receive a Refreshment Voucher to be redeemed at participating venues up to the value of £8!

To take advantage of one of the services, you must pre book using the Booking Form and select which service tier you require.  Our Tourist Information Centre (TIC) team will email you to confirm your booking.  Kindly note, that booking is only confirmed on receipt of an email from the TIC confirming same.

Tier 1 (At least three weeks notice required for this service)

Your coach will be greeted at the designated coach drop off point where each passenger will receive a Beverley Welcome Bag which will include a map of the town, a discount voucher leaflet. A Beverley pen and postcard.

Your Coach driver will receive refreshment voucher up to the value of £8 to be redeemed at participating venues in Beverley.

Free coach parking for the coach in the dedicated coach park in the centre of town.  NB The coach registration number and driver’s name will be required at least five working days before the visit.

Tier 2 (a minimum of 5 working days is required for this service)

Free coach parking in dedicated coach park in the centre of town.

NB coach registration number and driver’s name will be required at time of booking. A refreshment voucher available for the coach driver. 

NB Both the car parking ticket and refreshment voucher need to be collected by the driver from Beverley Tourist Information Centre (approx. 60 metres from the coach drop off point) situated on Cross Street (opposite County Hall), Beverley, HU17 9BA.