Here’s a handy short video for some pointers on your REYTA application

Application Hints and Tips

Make your application Remarkable with our helpful hints and tips:

> Create your own account in order to login and continue your application when is suitable.

> You can save your progress at any point.

> Once completed, click submit and you will receive a confirmation message indicating your application has been successfully submitted.

> Once submitted you will not be able to change your application.

> We receive lots of applications so make yours stand out! Show us the passion you have for your business and tell us about your amazing qualities.

> You are judged on the answers you provide; evidence should support what you say in your application.

> Give Examples! Tell us what you did, why you did and the impact it had on your business.

> When completing your application assume judges have not visited your business and paint them a clear picture of your service and why it is fantastic.

> Supporting evidence is optional but it is recommended that you supply evidence to support your application.

> Examples of evidence include quality assessment reports, awards, social media ratings, customer feedback, menus, press cuttings, certificates, leaflets, photographs or even business plans.

> For the Experience/Event category only, video footage or a link to footage of a maximum of 3 minutes would be helpful.

> If you’re entering for the events category remember that events cannot be mystery shopped and assume judges did not attend so your application needs to be clear and detailed, showing your event in its best light.

> If we feel that the category you have entered is inappropriate, we will contact you to suggest an alternative.

> The REYTAs celebrates excellence but also looks for businesses that are striving to improve, so make sure to detail your improvements in your application.

If you have any questions please get in touch: [email protected].